The 7th International Conference on Protective Structures (ICPS7) will be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from May 12th to 15th 2025. Abu Dhabi, stands as a global hub for innovation and education with cutting-edge research facilities, prestigious academic institutions, and a vibrant cityscape, offers a perfect setting for the ICPS7 conference. Embark on a groundbreaking experience as we host the first ICPS in this dynamic region, offering a unique chance to engage and exchange insights with peers and researchers from around the globe at the leading international conference dedicated to protective structures. Having originated in 2010 in the city of Manchester, England (1st ICPS), this global event has since traversed the globe, making impactful stops in Potsdam, Germany in 2013 (2nd ICPS/ISIEMS), Newcastle, Australia in 2015 (3rd ICPS), Beijing, China in 2016 (4th ICPS), Poznan, Poland in 2018 (5th ICPS) and Auburn, USA in 2023 (6th ICPS). It is one component of a three colleague-development and dissemination mechanism:

ICPS7 will attract the leading researchers and practitioners, to report and exchange ideas on the latest developments of a wide range of basic and applied research for the protection of civil infrastructure, ranging from buildings and bridges to pipelines and dams, the forces of nature and human-made challenges such as explosions, impacts, and other extreme loads. Plenary and keynote lectures from pre-eminent leaders in the field are planned, along with oral presentations from an expected large delegation coming together in Abu Dhabi from all corners of the world. Beyond the conference sessions, attendees will have the chance to delve into the UAE's cultural heritage, admire its modern architecture, and savor its diverse culinary offerings. This blend of intellectual engagement and cultural discovery ensures a truly memorable and enriching experience.

We invite you to join us at ICPS7 in Abu Dhabi, UAE and be a part of this transformative gathering!


The conference will cover following broad areas, but not limited to:

  • Response of structures and structural elements to explosion and impact loads
  • Blast and impact resistant design of structures
  • Techniques for mitigating blast load and penetration effects
  • Strengthening and retrofitting techniques
  • Projectile penetration and perforation mechanics
  • Collateral damage estimation
  • Numerical simulation and modelling
  • Probabilistic and uncertainty modelling
  • Experimental techniques
  • Material behavior at high strain rates
  • Vehicle impact with civil structures
  • Protection of industrial structures
  • Impact induced by tsunamis, extreme wind, and other natural disasters
  • Innovative materials for protection applications
  • Bridge and tunnel protection
  • Post-event evaluation and performance assessment
  • Structural collapse mitigation strategies
  • Safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness of structural design and strengthening


Call for Abstracts Opens

23 May 2024

Abstract Submission Deadline

18 Oct 2024

Workshop and short-course proposal submission deadline

13 Dec 2024

Abstracts acceptance notification

16 Dec 2024

Registration Opens

16 Dec 2024

Full paper submission deadline

1 Feb 2025

Early bird registration deadline

7 Mar 2025

Conference dates

12-15 May 2025


Abstract submissions are now open until 18 October 2024!

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Technology Innovation Institute (TII)

ICPS7 is hosted by the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a leading global research center dedicated to pushing the frontiers of knowledge. Our teams of scientists, researchers and engineers work in an open, flexible and agile environment to deliver discovery science and transformative technologies. Our work focuses on breakthroughs that will future-proof our society. Working together, we are committed to inspiring innovation for a better tomorrow.

We are part of the Abu Dhabi Government’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), which oversees technology research in the emirate.

Advanced Materials Research Center (AMRC)

The Advanced Materials Research Center (AMRC) is an emerging center of global excellence in materials science in the Middle East and North Africa. We attract leading innovators and pioneers regionally and globally.

We are driven by an understanding that the wide applicability of our work means it will find practical uses in industries and scientific disciplines far beyond our core areas of focus.

We are part of the Abu Dhabi Government’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), which oversees technology research in the emirate.

AMRC is part of the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a UAE-based research center that aims to lead global advances in artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, quantum computing, cryptography and quantum communications, directed energy, secure communication, smart devices, advanced materials, propulsion and space technologies and biotechnology fields.

Energy Absorption Group

Energy Absorption Group specializes in research and development across various applications for energy-absorbing materials, establishing it as a key focus within the AMRC. Our emphasis lies in exploring lightweight materials and structures with the ability to absorb high levels of energy, be it from a localized blast, impact loading, or any other force.